Guarantee Policy

CGIT has a 30 day Warranty Policy on hardware only. Services have a 2 day Warranty: If the same exact issue comes back within 2 days call us and we will login or come out, the first 30 minutes are FREE. If diagnostic and fixes take longer, normal billing rates apply after 30 minutes.

What We Do Not Guarantee:

  1. We do not guarantee separate issues that may occur within your warranty period, for example if you call us for virus removal but 2 weeks later you complain about how you can’t access the internet anymore THIS WOULD BE CONSIDERED A NEW ISSUE! CGIT always verifies internet connectivity before leaving a job site and we cannot be responsible if you lose internet connectivity. We DO NOT controll the internet.
  2. A new issue occurs.  As you know computers are very complicated machines and files can become corrupt or hardware can fail at any time, without warning, for any number of reasons.  We are not responsible to fix any new issues that may come up in the 30-days since we last saw your computer.
  3. Hardware Setup and Wireless Networking: CGIT will install and configure any hardware (printers, wireless routers, ipods, monitor, new computer, etc) you have, however, if something goes wrong either due to hardware failure, end-user error, or glitch CGIT will not be held responsible.  When setting up said hardware or installing software we guarantee to setup hardware properly and professionally, the customer will have the opportunity to make sure everything is to their liking and working before the tech leaves on the same date of initial install.  The most common issue is wireless routers seemly not working properly, easiest fix is unplugging both the modem and the router,  then plugging in the modem first waiting a few minutes, then plugging the router in until the router syncs.  Hardware that you actually purchase from CGIT such as wireless routers, computers, phones etc, are covered under a 30 day manufacturer warranty. CGIT does not build actual hardware, we purchase from different manufacturers, so their warranty is applied as our own, and because we are a reseller, that time frame is 30 days.

Our Virus Removal Guarantee:

We guarantee that we will remove all active viruses from you computer.  We DO NOT guarantee that you will not get a new virus. If you suspect that the same virus is still in your computer call us and we will inspect your computer. Every file on your computer has a time and date of when it was created or modified.  If that date and time was after our initial visit that is not covered and you will be charged full price for removal.  If however, the file is dated on or before our initial visit indicating a virus we missed, removal will be free of charge.

Slow Computer Guarantee:

If you call us to optimize your computer and to improve performance but after a few days it becomes sluggish again….call us back and we will investigate, obviously if the slow down was caused by a new virus or hardware failure or a new application/program that was installed that by the customer then the guarantee is void, but if the computer simply got slow again to no fault of the end user then there would be no charge for that diagnostic.

Computer Crashing

Oh the dreaded blue screen! This is usually caused by a bad update, your computer will either display a blue screen with white type or simply reboot itself.  With each reboot windows logs what exactly caused the issue.  If this is an issue that was not present during our initial visit, a service charge is valid.

Something stopped working….

If after we complete repairs to your computer you notice a program no longer works correctly but did work correctly before we arrived.  There are two parts to this warranty.  1. you must have used the application within 2-days before our initial visit, if you haven’t used the program for several days, weeks or months we can not be liable since there could of been too many things that broke the application.  2. The application must not work on it’s first attempt.  For example if the application works fine for several days after our visit and then stops working that is a new issue and is not covered.

Issues not mentioned above: 

Basically, CGIT’s warranty is IF THE SAME PROBLEM REOCCURS, WE FIX IT FOR FREE!! They key is SAME PROBLEM,  a lot of the times symptoms can look very similar or exactly the same for different problems or issues.  However, most of the time the computer records error codes that will enable us to prove whether or not it was the same problem re-occurring or whether it is a new issue causing the same symptoms.

If there is any questions you have please call. (209) 409-8676