Security Solutions

Security Camera Solutions

-Residential and Business Grade Cameras. Bullet, Dome & PTZ Camera Solutions range from basic 450 TV-Lines to 800 TV-Lines with 10x zoom to 18x zoom. Joystick capability for PTZ Camera Systems. ANTI -THEFT prevents these cameras from being ripped off your walls!!

DVR Solutions

-We offer an NVR Systems that is capable of having up to 58 cameras. Range from 1 TB Storage all the way up to 8 TB Storage. Features include Alarm Settings, Text message alerts, motion detection recording, Audio Support, Remote Internet Viewing, Download to USB, POS (Point of Sale) functions allow you to connect to compatible cash registers and similar ATM devices and much, much more!

Warranty and Support

-All our products come with a standard 1 year warranty! We offer tech support and free customer training.


The most recommended product for your home security, is The Security doorbell! This product is sold at Home Depot, Costco or their own website:

As owners of this company, we only use and promote products that get the work done. We will not sell you a product that we have not first tested ourselves. We have had this product for a year on our home. Sunday Feb 15th, while we were out of town, upon waking up, we received a notification via this products APP, that someone had rang our doorbell. Upon viewing the footage, the following video is what we found.  We are very grateful we were not home, but even more grateful we had this amazing product to protect our family and make us aware of what is going on outside of our home.