Services Provided: The Customer herby agrees to engage CGIT to provide the Customer with services outlined during the initial placed service call. If
the Customer would like other work performed, a Change Order must be submitted, and a new Quote or Invoice will be provided. CGIT hereby
agrees to provide such Services to the Customer in an efficient and timely manner.

Warranty: Customer acknowledges that no computer system, software, or network can be made 100% completely stable or secure, and that CGIT
cannot guarantee the stability of ISP, safety or security of the client’s network or data. We do not and cannot support any software that is not
compatible with the current operating systems. We can attempt to find a fix, but we can’t guarantee we’ll find one. We do support a 30-day warranty
on any parts provided by CGIT. Installation costs of replacements are waived for the 1st hour, but payable per 30 minutes thereafter.

Recurring Conditions: If the Customer notifies CGIT within 2 days of a service call that the problem for which that service call was made, has
reoccurred, CGIT consulting will evaluate the problem at no additional charge. If CGIT determines that the problem recurred because alterations
were made by the customer, or the customer did not follow proper instructions, the fix service call will be charged as normal. If the problem is
reoccurring, the first hour of the fix is completely free, but payable per 30 minutes thereafter.

Limitation of Liability: It is understood and agreed that CGIT will not be liable to the Customer, or any agent or associate of the Customer, for any
mistake or error in judgment or for any act or omission done in good faith and believed to be with the scope of authority conferred or implied by the
agreement. The Customer agrees that CGIT shall not be responsible for the integrity or existence of any data on the Customer’s Network or
Individual computer: and that the customer will hold harmless CGIT Consulting for the corruption or loss of any data during hardware failure, system
restore, repair, recovery, or data transfer.

Confidential Information: All information relating to the customer will be held in confidence by CGIT and will not be disclosed or used except to the
extent that such disclosure or use is reasonably necessary to the performance of the work needed or requested. All usernames and passwords are
kept in a secure portal only available to CGIT staff on their local secure network. We are unable to provide usernames/passwords onsite. Phone calls
are placed to the office for username/password information to uphold the upmost level of security for our clients. CGIT will retain passwords for
certain clients for a period of 6 months in our secure portal. After 6 months, all data will be deleted, and we will not be able to recover or provide
username/password information.

Return of Property: In the event we have to keep your property overnight in our office, or for a length of time, upon completion of the service call,
CGIT will return or warrant pickup to the customer any and all property, documentation, records or confidential information which is the property of
the customer.

Compensation: For onsite services rendered by CGIT, the customer will provide payment to CGIT in the amount shown on the provided invoice upon
job completion. Amount of invoice will be based off of the services provided at our hourly rate + parts, including driving time from point of dispatch.
Payment is DUE UPON COMPLETION unless otherwise noted on invoice. For REMOTE sessions, a Credit/ Debit Card may be requested prior to log on.
Credit Cards will not be charged until remote session has been completed. Some jobs may require a deposit for pre-purchases; this will be noted on
your Quote or Estimate. We accept Cash, Check, & Credit/ Debit Card. Please make all checks payable to: CHEAP GEEKS IT CONSULTING.

Payment Penalties: Because of the services we provide, payment is DUE UPON COMPLETION unless otherwise noted on invoice. This indicates that you
have approved the work that was done to your approval. If other arrangements need be made, approval of terms must be agreed upon prior to start
of service. CGIT Reserves the right to pick up any hardware that has not been paid for. CGIT Reserves the right to remove or undo any changes to the
client’s system for which payment has not been made. $25.00 late fees will be applied for every 15 days our invoices is not paid. Maintenance client’s
invoices must be paid Net 15. Non-Maintenance clients must pay invoices upon presentation of Invoice upon completion of services. If payment
reaches 90 days past due, your account will be taken to collections, or all services provided by Cheap Geeks IT Consulting will be halted.

Independent Contractor: In providing services under this agreement it is expressly agreed that the service provider is acting as an independent
contract and not as an employee. The service provider and the customer acknowledge that this agreement does not create a partnership or join
venture between them, and is exclusively a contract for services.

The Customer, by accepting the provided Quote, Estimate and/or by paying the provided Invoice,and/or by allowing work to be performed, agrees to
and acknowledges the above terms and conditions. Cheap Geeks IT Consulting accepts the form of payment for Invoices as a digital signature
agreeing to the terms and conditions laid out in this statement. This document is a link attached to EVERY Quote, Estimate, Invoice and Statement
emailed to every client. A written copy can be provided upon request.

Mail all payments and Inquiries to:
Cheap Geeks IT Consulting
PO BOX 578250, Modesto CA 95357
(209) 409-8676 |

View a downloadable version of Terms of Service Here: CGIT_ServiceAgreement